About us

With a unique talent the Kretsis brothers started composing their first paintings from o very young age.
In 1989 the self-taught Dimitris and Thanasis Kretsis, started making their first movements in the world of profession as artists, followed in 1995 by Charalabos Kretsis.Today we find the as graduates of the fine school of art, with great work to exhibit.
Creating a microcosm of the art, the team has an aim to introduce to the public every kind and way of painting art in a simple, accessible and complete way. One of the first "art techniques" is the cave painting that we find in Paleolithic caves, which is considered as the first examples of wall painting. This a ancient way of art will be developed through the centuries, (Minoiki Crete, Pompeii, Renaissance, Baroque, Rococo, Neoclassical Period, folk decorative patterns) as a way mean of expression, making it in this way a necessary element of the interior building decoration. Today in the wider o range of contemporary art, the wall painting finds different ways of expression and different functions. Following that direction the painters Dimitris, Thanasis and Charalabos Kretsis continue today the art of wall painting. Decoration painting in walls and ceilings of houses, hotels, shops, etc., create a high quality atmosphere of art. The "trompe l' oeil" technique (visual illusion), transform the space into another dimension, adding textures (imitation of marble etc.). Producing decorative painting on plaster ceiling finishes, balustrades. using leaves of gold, silver and various painting techniques, transforms the space into a warm and friendly space with a touch of art. Studying history and having an experience of many years in the art of wall painting, The Kretsis's can produce as well repairing and replacing work of art.

Responsibility in making and delivering the projects on time has made all these years the base for good relationship, successful cooperation and trust above all.